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Transmission Repair Batavia IL

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Reliable Auto Repair – Transmission Repair Batavia IL

At Reliable Auto Repair, we provide quality transmission repair service by our trained auto technicians. Consistent service for your transmission can help prolong the lifespan of your vehicle and save money in the long term. From repair and overhaul to routine maintenance, you can count on us for excellent Transmission Repair Batavia IL.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs Transmission Service:

  • Difficulty shifting gears. Irregularities with respect to shifting is certain warning sign of transmission trouble. For example, if your car slips out of gear while driving you’ll want to call us for service.
  • Grinding between gears. Grinding or shaking is another telltale sign of transmission problems.
  • Strange sounds. Frequently, signs of a transmission problem comes in the form of unusual sounds like buzzing or grinding. Also, if your vehicle sounds very noisy when in neutral, consider Transmission Repair.
  • Burning odors, cloudy, dirty transmission fluid. Transmission fluid usually is a bright reddish color with a sweet, distinctive odor. If it looks too dark and smells like it’s burnt, it’s time for transmission service.
Transmission Repair Batavia IL

It’s often possible to smell the transmission fluid as you exit the car.

Likewise, if the gears are overheating from too much friction a burning odor can result. In any case, a hot, burnt smell is not typical and calls for service.

-Transmission fluid leaks. If you spot the sure sign of red fluid pooling under your car, it’s leaking transmission fluid. Regardless of whether the fluid looks cloudy or clear, take your vehicle to Reliable Auto Repair. While a leak does not necessarily indicate the transmission is failing, it will result in damage eventually.

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