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Among the most basic maintenance practices any motor vehicle requires to run efficiently is a routine Oil Change Batavia IL. However, simply because it’s usually not needed for months at a time, some motorists may delay or even forget this important part of car care. Adding to its importance is that most vehicles might call for more frequent oil changes as they age and accumulate more miles. So how is a vehicle owner to know when it’s been too long since their last oil change? On this page we present a few common warning signs that your vehicle is due for an oil change.

-Excessive vehicle exhaust. Contemporary vehicles typically do not give off visible exhaust from their tailpipes. So, if you are seeing what appears to be smoke trailing from behind your vehicle it can suggest a serious issue that calls for an Oil Change Batavia IL. Typically, excess exhaust means that the motor oil is becoming too old to work effectively. Exhaust changes may also suggest engine difficulties like a cracked gasket. Be sure to have this symptom looked at by our service techs at the earliest opportunity.

-Declining oil levels. Topping off your vehicle’s oil from time to time will help lengthen the time interval between Oil Change Batavia IL. However, if the oil level appears to fall rapidly it’s a likely sign that the oil system has a problem.

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-Increasing engine noises. The purpose of motor oil is to lubricate your vehicle’s engine so that its parts function together properly. When motor oil gets too thin, too old or inadequately textured, the result could be excess engine noise. When driving a motor vehicle with inadequate oil quality, the engine might make a knocking sound. Oil problems may also lead to other noises, like ticking, as well.

-Uneven oil texture. All motor oil gets darker as it continually circulates through the engine. Sometimes this occurs right away. Consequently, color isn’t necessarily a dependable indicator that you’re due for an oil change. However, as time passes, oil can collect small particles of debris that make give it a gritty texture. When you look at your vehicle’s oil levels, look at the consistency too. If the oil appears to have a lot of debris in it you’ll want to schedule a Oil Change Batavia IL.

-Low oil levels. While you can certainly top off levels between oil changes, you’ll also want to be aware of the oil level in the reservoir too. If it’s been a long time since your last oil change, the levels may be well under the minimum. If you observe low oil levels, have your vehicle serviced promptly at our shop. Driving a car or truck with very low oil levels can result in lasting engine damage while increasing the chances of stalling or breaking down.

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-Driving more mileage than normal. If you have recently returned from a lengthy road trip, you might need to bring your vehicle in for an Oil Change Batavia IL. Whenever you put considerably more miles on your vehicle than you typically do, you should expect to need an oil change sooner than later.

-Persistent “check engine” light. This light on your vehicle’s dash may come on for a variety of mechanical reasons. If your vehicle does not have an “oil change” light, this is probably the light that will come on.

As soon as you detect any of these common indicators, don’t delay to contact Reliable Auto Repair today. To schedule a quick and affordable Oil Change Batavia IL, call 630-879-3252.