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Reliable Auto Repair – Exhaust Services Batavia, IL

Do you have concerns that your vehicle will not pass your next emissions test? Is your exhaust system showing signs of disrepair? If so, schedule an appointment today for affordable Exhaust Services Batavia IL at our shop. We’re a leading source of professional repair and replacement for exhaust systems, mufflers and tailpipes.

Read on for three of the most common signs your vehicle is due for Exhaust Services Batavia IL:

Declining Fuel Efficiency

Although decreasing miles-per-gallon can mean a number of issues, an exhaust leak is among the most common causes. When a car develops an exhaust leak, it can result in fumes not exiting efficiently. That can leave your car’s engine running much hotter than usual. Consequently, fuel efficiency declines.

Exhaust Services Batavia IL

If you’re seeing a drop in your miles-per-gallon, schedule an appointment at Reliable Auto Repair.

Our technicians can do a diagnosis and make repairs before the problem gets worse.

Strange Vibrations

A vibrating gas pedal or steering wheel is a likely sign of a car exhaust leak. In some cases, the whole vehicle may vibrate when the leak is large enough. This becomes a safety issue for the motorist because it can affect the ability to steer the vehicle.

Increasing Engine Noises

This is often the first thing motorists notice when they need Exhaust Services. The exhaust system’s job is to keep engine noises down, so when a leak occurs the result is louder sounds.

Likely locations for leaks are the exhaust manifold and the joints along the vehicle’s exhaust system. An engine leak occurring at the manifold can significantly increase engine noise. Also, it can allow hazardous fumes into the vehicle’s interior.

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