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Brake Repair Coupons Batavia IL

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If you recognize the following warning signs of brake troubles, call us and take advantage of our Brake Repair Coupons Batavia IL. By being proactive you’ll prevent more damage and stay safe on the road.

Brake Repair Coupons Batavia IL

-Brake lights are on. When the brake lights on your dashboard come on it could mean the vehicle is simply due for an inspection. Or it could also be a sign of a problem that calls for brake repair.

-Noisy brakes. Do you hear a metallic squealing or grinding sound when you apply your brakes? It may be a sign that the brake pads are worn down and rubbing against the rotors. On the other hand, a grinding sound could be due to gravel caught in the caliper units. Grinding may be a sign that there is not enough lubrication if you have a vehicle with rear drum brakes. The brake shoe, which is presses against the rotor, could be scraping against the backing plate due to rust.

-Vibration when you apply the brakes. A shaky steering wheel or vibration upon applying the brakes could due to an uneven rotor.

-Leaking fluids. If you’re sensing a “soft” brake pedal, our service techs can check for fluid leaks. Generally, in vehicles with power brakes the brake pedal should go to about one or one-and-a-half inches from the floor. If your vehicle has manual brakes, the pedal should push down to about three inches from the floor.

-The car pulls to one side when you brake. This could be the result of a brake hose or a caliper problem. One caliper might be applying more pressure than the other one during braking. Naturally, this could be why the vehicle is pulling to