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Auto Electrical Services Batavia IL

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Auto Electrical Services Batavia IL

Reliable Auto Repair is a leading provider of quality electrical auto services for vehicles of all makes and models. Whether your vehicle needs repairs to the power steering or power locks, consider us your go-to choice.

From power windows to alternators and all parts in between, depend on Reliable Auto Repair for great prices on:

  • Comprehensive diagnostics and repairs for your vehicle’s electrical system.
  • Alternator repairs and replacement.
  • Windshield wiper repair.
  • Starter repairs and replacement.
  • Repairs and replacement for power locks, antennas, steering and accessories.
  • Light repairs and light bulb replacements.
Auto Electrical Services Batavia IL

Expert Auto Electrical Services – Reliable Auto Repair

The battery, starter and alternator are the main components of your vehicle’s electrical system. Without a doubt, if one of these major parts doesn’t work properly your vehicle won’t start. Or, if it does start, it will perform inefficiently.

Our service technicians can do an electrical system check to confirm everything is functioning properly. We’ll identify problems that might occur within your vehicle’s electrical system. If we do detect a problem, we’ll recommend solutions to restore functioning. We can resolve problems before they begin. Consequently, that prevents you from ending up on the roadside in a car that won’t start.


The battery provides your car’s electrical current until you start the engine. This includes the electrical current to the ignition and whole fuel system.


Although the battery supplies power to start up your car, it’s the starter that gets the motor going. The battery directs a small amount of power to the starter’s motor. Then, the starter turns the flywheel to turn the crankshaft. Consequently, this starts the movement of the pistons.


As your engine runs, the alternator ensures the battery has a charge so the electrical system keeps going. If the alternator is due for replacement the electrical system performs inconsistently. The battery will soon discharge and the engine eventually loses power.

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